How it works

WebImage takes digital images, and creates two new versions from them: one sized to fit neatly on a PC screen without scrolling, and one 'thumbnail' image for indexing. It then creates an index page to display the thumbnails, and a series of web (.html) pages to display the images a page at a time with backwards/forwards/home navigation, with a strip of thumbnails down the side.

These files can then be copied to a CD-ROM, or to a web site, to create a self-contained photo album, accessible from a standard browser without any other software.

If you have a whole series of subdirectories containing images, WebImage will optionally process all these at a single pass and create a master index for them all.

What WebImage looks like

There is a sample photo album on this site, optimised for display on a 1024x768 monitor. To access it, click here. Note that the Highland Cattle page uses the optional captions feature. The background, fonts, etc. are all changeable through a standard Style Sheet.

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